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Department of Tourism

The Department of Tourism was established in 1974 and falls under the mandate of the Ministry of Financial Services, Tourism and Development. This Ministry organizes and directs the activities for many departments all of which have similar goals: to protect the environment, support the economy, promote the islands as a premier destination for visitors and to support local businesses and business people.

Department of Tourism Mandates & Scope of Business

  • Strategic planning for the Tourism Industry
  • Technical Advice, Research and Policy Input
  • Coordinate the implementation of the National Tourism Management Policy
  • Support for Tourism Boards and Committees
  • Tourism Public Relations Services
  • Crisis and Emergency Communications
  • Product Development and Regulatory Activities
  • Collection and Audit of Tourism Revenue
  • Marketing and Public Relations (International and National)
  • Development of Human Capital for the Tourism Industry

Department of Tourism Strategic Ownership Goals

  • Provide high quality products and services for the visitor
  • Present a distinctive Caymanian experience
  • Adopt a sustainable approach to tourism development
  • Protect and enhance the marine and terrestrial environment
  • Attracting a more discerning and higher spending visitor
  • Develop a highly skilled Caymanian workforce
  • Develop nature-based/soft adventure tourism in the Sister Islands and Grand Cayman
  • Organise tourism in the Cayman Islands more effectively
  • Research, monitor and report on the tourism economy more effectively
  • Increase awareness of and positive attitudes towards tourism in the community
  • Brand Management - Management and Enhance the Image of the Cayman Island Tourism Brand

For further information please contact:

Kristel Galimba, Marketing and Public Relations Committee

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