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Detailed Schedule

All events staged in the Sir Vassel Johnson Hall, except where otherwise noted.

*Plenaries will be scheduled during morning and luncheon sessions. Persons whose papers have been accepted present on Day Two and Three of the conference.

Schedule for UCCI CONFERENCE 2014 (PDF)


Wednesday, March 19, 2014
5:00 pm Opening Reception - Sponsored by National Building Society of the Cayman Islands
6:00 pm

Formal Opening Ceremony with Keynote - Dr. Huguette Labelle , Chair of Transparency International, sponsored by the Portfolio of the Civil Service, Cayman Islands Government.

Chair: Professor Trevor Munroe , Executive Director, National Integrity Action of Jamaica and Visiting Honorary Professor, Sir Arthur Lewis Institute, UWI, Mona

Thursday, March 20, 2014
8:30-9:30 am Keynote Opening Working Sessions

Dr.The Hon.Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala , Minister of Finance of Nigeria, The Nigerian Experience-Lessons for the Caribbean.

Chair: The Hon. Marco Archer, Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Cayman Islands Government

9:40-11:10 am

Regional Heads of the States: The Hon.Alden McLaughlin , Premier of the Cayman Islands; Dr.the Hon.Ralph Gonsalves , Prime Minister of St.Vincent and the Grenadines; and, representing the Premier of Bermuda, Mrs.Cheryl-Ann Lister , Chair, the National Anti-Money Laundering Committee(NAMLC), Anti Corruption Assessment and Strategies in the Region.

Chair: The Hon. Samuel Bulgin, Attorney General of the Cayman Islands.

Remarks:Mr.Dan Scott, Regional Managing Director, EY(Formerly Ernst & Young)

11:10-11:20 am 10 Minute Break

The Hon. Perry Christie , Prime Minister of the Bahamas. The Ethical and Anti-Corruption Framework of the Bahamian Government: Lessons for the Region.

Chair: Royal Bank of Canada Representative

12:10-12:15pm UCCI Instrumental Ensemble
12:15-1:30 pm

Ms.Sandra Edun-Watler, Head of Compliance-Caribbean,Walkers. The Compliance Association of the Cayman Islands and Ms Karen O'Brien , Managing Director, Global Compliance Solutions, Blueprint for the Ethical Functioning of the Financial Services.

Chair: Mr.Vaughan Carter, Former Law Lecturer and senior civil servant

1:40-2:40 pm

Joint Presentations by

  • The Threat to Trinidad and Tobago's Integrity Framework Mr.Afra Raymond , Trinidadian Journalist and Activist
  • Tackling Corruption in the Private Sector: The Way Forward. Mr.Earl Jarrett , Acting Chair, Board of the National Building Society, Cayman, and General Manager, Jamaica National Building Society.
  • Chair: Dr.Grace Virtue , Former Senior & Executive Communications Manager, Howard University
2:40-2:50 pm 10 Minute Break

The Imperative of Integration: Towards Synergizing Universal Standards of Morality,Integrity and Justice

  • Justice and injustice: A snapshot of a pluralistic soceity Ms.Natalie Walthrust
  • Morality and Ethics: Bedrock for the construction and sustenance of a just society Dr.Kerry Sumesar-Rai
  • Corruption in Germany: Possible implications for the Caribbean Dr.Yvonne Ziegler
  • Chair:Dr.Chris Williams, Assistant Professor,Technical, Vocational and Continuing Education, UCCI

Corruption as Culture: Dancehall, Nuance, and the Caribbean Media

  • Is it Caribbean or national? Exploring the cultural nunaces associated with corruption in Grenada and BarbadosMs.Dawn De Coteau and Mr. Josh O. Drayton
  • Watch Out for This! Examining values and ethics in Jamaican dancehall culture Dr.Donna Hope
  • The Today Show, Usain Bolt, Slum Dog Millionare: The Caribbean media and the crisis of globalization Dr.Grace Virtue
  • Ethics, the media and disability in Jamaica Ms.Marion Myrie
  • Chair:Dr. MoniKa Lawrence, Assistant Professor and Artistic Director of Performing Arts, Arts and Humanities, UCCI

Analyzing Corruption across Caribbean Countries: Realities and Solutions

  • Then and Now: An examination of three elements of national integrity systems' indicators in four Eastern Caribbean countries
    Professor Cynthia Barrow-Giles
  • "Jack is the Man": The challenge of democracy vs. ethics in Trinidad
    Dr.Bishnu Ragoonath
  • Endogenous and Exogenous approaches to corruption and Money-laundering in the Caribbean region
    Professor Virginia Maurer
  • The role of transperancy in combatting fraud
    Professor Terry Dworkin
  • Chair:Mrs. Kadeshah Swearing, Senior Lecturer, Business Studies, UCCI

Exploring the "Trust Deficit" as an Element of the Corruption Challenge

3:00-4:30 pm

Medical ethics: Medicine, Personnel and Patient

  • Dr. Delroy Jefferson- Medical Director, Health Services Authority
  • Dr.Stephen Tomlinson- Founder/Director, Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital
  • Mrs.Carole Appleyard- President/CEO of Carole Appleyard Consulting Ltd, Former General Manager, CINICO
  • Dr.Virgina Hobday- Director of Cayman Hospice Care and the Cayman Islands Breast Cancer Society
  • Dr. Alice Ann Brunn- Associate Professor of Behavioral Science & Ethics/Student Counsellor, St.Matthews Medical School
  • Ms.Angeline Shillingford- Ethics Secretary, Health Services Authority
  • Chair:Dr. Sook Lee Yin, MBE, Medical Director and Founding Member of the Cayman Heart Fund

Cayman Sport: From Institutions to Morality and Ethics

  • Mr. Donald McLean - President of the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee; Pharmacist
  • The Hon. Osbourne Bodden - Minister of Health, Sports, Youth and Culture, Cayman Islands Government
  • Dr. Dalton Watler - President of the Cayman Islands Athletic Association
  • Mr. Jeffrey Webb- President of Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football(CONCACAF)
  • Chair: Dr. Dalton Watler, Deputy Chief Officer for the Ministry of Tourism and former Director of Youth, Sports and Recreation, Cayman Islands Government

Legal Ethics: the Lawyer, the Client, the Society

  • Mr. Alfred McPherson - Acting Dean, School of Law, University of Technology, Jamaica


  • Mr. Mitchell Davis - Director of Truman Bodden Law School
  • Ms. Clyte Linwood - Attorney-at-Law, Law Lecturer, UCCI
  • Chair: Mrs. Keva Reid, Attorney-at-Law, McKinney Reid and Company
  • 4:50-5:40 pm

    Teaching Values to the Present Generation : The Hon. Tara Rivers , Minister of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs, Cayman Islands


    The Hon. Andrew Holness, former Minister of Education and current leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, Jamaica.

  • Chair: Professor Yvette Jackson, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Graduate Studies, UWI
  • 5:50-7:20 pm

    Leaders of Local and Regional Tertiary Institutions: The Role of Tertiary Institutions in Safeguarding Ethical Standards

    • Mr. Roy Bodden - President, University College of the Cayman Islands
    • Dr. Trevor Gardner - President, Northern Caribbean University, Jamaica
    • Professor Yvette Jackson - Pro Vice-Chancellor, Graduate Studies, UWI
    • Mr. Mitchell Davis - Director, Cayman Islands Law School
    • Dr. Cliff Riley - Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research, College of Health Sciences, University of Technology
    • Chair: Councillor Winston Connolly , Member fo the Legislative Assembly of the Cayman Islands
    7:30-9:00 pm

    The Caribbean Media as an Anti-Corruption Instrument

    • Ms. Wendy Ledger - Cayman News Service (CNS)
    • Mr. Deon Ebanks- Cayman Reporter
    • Mr. Sterling Dwayne Ebanks - Radio Cayman
    • Mr. Horace G. Helps - Editor-at-Large, Jamaica Observer

    Opening Remarks:

    Mr. Michael Munnings, Country Head & Area Vice President, Personal Banking,RBC Royal Bank


    Dr. David Marshall, President, International College of the Cayman Islands

    Friday, March 21,2014
    8:30-9:00 am

    The Role of Technology in Curbing Corruption in Caribbean Societies: Dr.Lloyd Waller, UWI

    Chair:Dr.Donna Hope, Cultural Analyst, Director and Senior Lecturer, Institute of Caribbean Studies, UWI, Mona

    9:10-9:50 am

    The Ethical and Anti-Corruption Framework of Jamaica: My Vision for Change The Hon. Andrew Holness,Leader of the Oppostion, Jamaica

    Chair: Dr.Trevor Gardner , President Northern Caribbean University, Jamaica

    10:00-11:30 am

    Regional and Extra-regional presenters- Sierra Leone, Turks and Caicos Islands, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and Guyana: Models of Anti-Corruption Institutions: Lessons for the Region

    11.30-11.40 am 10 Minute Break
    11:45-12:45 pm

    Regional anti-corruption NGOs and transparency institutes: Establishing and Governing Anti-Corruption Organizations Regionally

    12:55-1:25 pm

    Mr.Dirk Harrison, Contractor General of Jamaica. A corruption-free Government for Jamaica. A How-to-Manual from the Contractor General's Office, with Implications for the Region.

    Chair:Dr.Martin Richards , Chair, Business Studies, UCCI

    1:35-2:50 pm

    Local and Regional church leaders: The Role of Church in Preserving Ethics, Values, Trust, Morality

    • The Rt.Rev.Dr.Yvette Bloomfield - Moderator, the United Church of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands
    • Pastor Alson Ebanks - Senior Pastor, Church of God Chapel
    • The Rt.Rev.Dr.Howard Gregory - Anglican Bishop of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands
    • Pastor Shian O'Connor - President, Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventist

    • Discussant:
      • Tomy Wilkerson, Inter-Varsity Christian Felloship Staff Wroker, Cayman Islands
      • Bishop Dr. Dolbert Clark, Senior Pastor, All Nations United Pentecostal Church
      • Chair: Dr.Anna Perkins, Theologin and Ethicist, former Dean of Studies at St.Michael's Theological College, Jamaica

    Unethical Practices in the Caribbean Education Systems: Towards Solutions

    • "Prevention is better than cure": Strategies supporting corruption-free assessment practices in tertiary education- The UTech/COHS experience.
      Mr.Greg-Louis Austin and Ms.Vanessa White-Barrow
    • Is teaching a vocation or a meal ticket? A case study of teacher's professionalism in one department at a high school in Jamaica 
      Ms.Talia Carter
    • The ethical dimensions of principals' work in Jamaica: Implications and future directions for professional education and training 
      Dr.Mairette Newman
    • As educators and practitioners, what can we do?
      Dr.Matthew Rocco and Dr. Edward Erazo
    • Chair: Ms.Erica Gordon, Chair, Arts and Humanities, UCCI

    Nature, Medicine and Ethics

    • The ethics of ecotourism in the caribbean 
      Dr. Deborah Beal
    • The dilemmas of medical ethics in a Caribbean setting
      Ms Angeline Shillingford
    • Environmental ethics in the built environment
      Mr.Benjamin Davey
    • Conflict in ethical crisis: A case for command
      Dr.Anthony Husemann
    • Chair: Mr. Richard McLeod, Adjunct Lecturer, UCCI

    Caught between a Rock and a n Even Harder Place: The Role of the Ombudsman and Issues of Corporate Governance

    • The role of ombudsman oversight in promoting organizational culture
      Mr.Andre Marin
    • UK Bribery Act 2010: The corporate failure to prevent bribery and its implications for corporate governance in the Caribbean
      Dr. Chizu Nakajima
    • The effectiveness of community policing:Its role and impact on social capital
      Ms Natalie Walthrust-Jones
    • Chair:Mr. Fenslie Smith, Senior Lecturer, Technical,Vocational and Continuing Studies, UCCI

    The Cayman Islands under the Spotlight: Rebranding and Regulation

    3:00-4:30 pm

    Striking a Balance: Delivering Political Mandates While Preserving Political Neutrality

    • Deputy Governer - The Hon. Franz Manderson, Cert. Hon., JP, Cayman Islands Government
    • Cabinet Secretary - Mr.Samuel Rose, JP, Cayman Islands, Government
    • Chair: Mr.Gilbert McLean, Talk Show Host, and former Cayman Islands Government Minister and Senior Civil Servant

    The Ethics of Sex and Sexual Orientation

    • Ms Carolina Ferreira - Sex Educator/Counsellor, UCCI
    • Dr.Alexandra Bodden - Clinical Psychologist, Cayman Island
    • Dr.Anna Perkins - Theologian and Ethicist, Jamaica
    • Mr.Dane Lewis - J-FLAG, Jamaica
    • Pastor Shian O'Connor - President, Cayman Islands Conference of SDAs
    • Dr.MoniKa Lawrence - Assistant Professor, UCCI
    • Chair: Dr.Anna Perkins , former Dean of Studies at St Michael's Theological College

    Corruption in Education: School Leadership, Promotion and Appointment Practices

    Professor Paul Miller, Brunel University

    Chair:Ms. Catherine Tyson, TV Host & Author

    4:30- 4:40 pm 10 Minute Break

    Corruption in Caribbean Countries: Realities and Solutions, Part 2

    • Employment corruption as a form of corruption in government
      Ms. Tanzia Saunders
    • Combatting fraud and corruption through corporate governance
      Ms.Cindy Schipani
    • The "politics" of public policy in Jamaica
      Mr.Gavin Daley
    • Chair:Ms Kadeshah Swearing, Senior Lecturer, Business Studies,UCCI

    Technology and the Obligation of Ethics and Values

    • Ethics and Technology: Redefining the ambivalence in the computing paradigm
      Mr. T Ray Campbell
    • Leaving our children and themselves behind: Teachers who do not use ICT in teaching and learning
      Mr. Devon Coke
    • Ethics and Technology: Instilling an enchanced ethical awareness in future generations of engineers
      Dr.William Schonberg and Dr.Joel Dittmer
    • Enhancing self-esteem and building self-awareness of a selected group of grade five students
      Ms.Rene Level
    • Chair:Dr.Eustace Placide, Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering,UCCI

    Who is the Enemy of Development and Good Governance? Confronting the Acceptability and "Everywhereness" of Systemic Corruption


    Transparency, Law, Ethics and Development

    • The right to lawful administration and the fight against corruption Mr. Vaughan Carter
    • Ethics, societal institution and development Ms. Trudy Cox and Mr.Mervyn Extavour
    • Unethical land grants and the tailoring of anti-corruption measures Dr.Simon Cooper
    • Chair:Dr.J.D Mosley Matchett, Dean and Director, Graduate Studies and Professional Development, UCCI
    4:40-6:10 pm

    Environmental Ethics: Ensuring Sustainable Development

    • Dr.Anthony Husseman, Provost,ICCI
    • Mr.Benjamin Davey
    • Chair: Dr.Deborah Beal, Associate Professor of Environmental Science, Faculty of Math and Science, UCCI

    Whistle Blowing as an Anti-Corruption Tool

    • The Hon. Samuel Bulgin - Attorney General of the Cayman Islands
    • Professor Terry Dworkin - Author and expert on Whistleblowing
    • Ms Nicola Williams - Complaints Commissioner, Cayman Islands
    • Chair:Ms May Hen, Exchange Faculty, UCCI

    Role of Parliament in Curbing Corruption and in Promoting Values and Ethics

    • Mr.Bernie Bush - Member of the Legislative Assembly(MLA), Cayman Islands
    • Mr.Winston Connolly - MLA
    • Mr.Ezzard Miller- MLA
    • Mr.Alva Suckoo - MLA
    • Chair: The Hon. Julianna O'Connor-Connolly, JP, Speaker of the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly
    6:20-7:30 pm

    Representatives of Good Governance Institutions: The Cayman Islands: A Model of Anti-Corruption

    • Mr.Alastair Swarbrick - Auditor General, Cayman Islands, Office of the Auditor General
    • Mr.Jan Liebaers- Acting Information Commissioner, Office of the Information Commissioner
    • Ms.Bridgette von Gerhardt - Office of the Complaints Commissioner
    • Mr.Leonard Ebanks - Anti-Corruption Commission
    • Mr.Will Pineau- Constitutional Commission
    • Mr.Alistair Watlers- Human Rights Commission
    • Chair:Mr.Donovan Ebanks, MBE, former Deputy Governor, Cayman Islands Government
    7:35 pm Closing Charge

    Three-minute Launch of electronic Journal - CAribbean Journal of Accountability, Transperancy and Anti-Corruption Strategies

    • Dr.Livingston Smith, Conference Director, Chair, Social Sciences, UCCI
    • Dr.Lloyd Waller , Chair, Department of Government, UWI

    Reading of Conference Communique

    Dr.Trevor Munroe , Director of the Transperancy Institute of Jamaica

      Closing Reception
      = Concurrent Panels/Round Tables
      = Plenary Sessions



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