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Key Speeches


  • Mr. Afra Raymond

    Guarding the Guards  

  • Mr. AndrĂ© Marin

    Role of Ombudsman Oversight  

  • The Hon. Andrew Holness

    Watch Video  

  • The Hon. Alden McLaughlin

    Watch Video  

  • Mr. Anthony Husemann

    Conflict in Ethical Crises  

  • Mrs. Cheryl-Ann Lister

    Bermuda's Anti-Corruption Strategies  

  • Dr. Cliff K. Riley

    Safeguarding Ethical Standards - UTech  

  • Ms. Cynthia Barrow-Giles

    Examination of National Integrity Systems Indicators  

  • Mr. Dirk Harrison

    Corruption-Free Government for Jamaica  

  • Dr. Matthew Rocco & Prof.Edward Erazo

    Acculturation of Values in Higher Education Institutions  

  • Mr. Eugene Otuonye

    TCI IC as model of Anti-Corruption Institution  

  • Mr. Gavin Daley

    The Politics of Public Policy in Jamaica  

  • Mr. Greg Christie

    The Jamaican Anti-Corruption Model  

  • Dr. Huguette Labelle

    Keynote Address   Watch Video

  • Ms. Karen O'Brien

    A Blueprint for the Ethical Functioning of Financial Services  

  • Dr. Kerry Sumesar-Rai

    Morality and Ethics  

  • Dr. Kreimild Saunders

    Acting Funni Revisited Visibility, Regulation and Sexual Difference  

  • Ms. Marion J. Myrie

    Ethics, The Media and Disability in Jamaica  

  • Ms. Trudy Cox & Mr. Mervyn Extavour

    Assuring High Integrity, Values & Morals Throug Education  

  • Dr. The Hon. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

    Keynote Address   Watch Video

  • The Hon. Perry Christie

    The Ethical Anti-Corruption Framework of the Bahamian   Watch Video

  • Ms. Rene Level

    Enhancing Self-esteem and Building Self-awareness  

  • Mr. Sam Bulgin

    Evolution of whistleblowing legislation in the Cayman Islands  

  • Mr. Swatantra Goolsarran

    Crossroads in Accountability  

  • Mr. Swatantra Goolsarran

    Models of Anti-Corruption (Guyana)  

  • The Hon. Tara Rivers

    Teaching Values to the Present Generation   Watch Video

  • Dr. Trevor Gardner

    Ethics Pedagogy  

  • Prof. Trevor Munroe

    Closing Declaration UCCI Caribbean Conference 2014  

  • Dr. William P. Schonberg & Dr.Joel P. Dittmer

    Ethics and Technology  

  • Prof. Yvette Jackson

    Producing Ethically Grounded Students  

  • Dr. Yvonne Ziegler

    Corruption in Germany  


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